Get me to the farm

There are several ways to get here including taxi and bus. We are 15km away from Canoa, the nearest beachtown.

taxi Taxi: 6-8$ ride from Canoa. Tell the driver that you’re going to Tabuchila Arriba, la Finca Pinguino, finca del Gringo Simon.

Acceder - BUS AMERICA - galería fotográfica Bus: 0,75$ and ask to stop at the entrance of Tabuchila. The ride is more or less 10 min. Then, there is a 1h30 to 2h walk (7 km inland) depending on your walking pace. You can easily ask a ride to whichever car goes in your direction, they will drop you as far as they go. During your walk ask where is “La Finca del Gringo Simon, Tabuchila Arriba, vecino de la casa de Patricio Figueroa”

DSC01245 Us: We go in town 2-3 times a week. We can bring you guys for 7$ all the way up to the farm (during dry season and down the hill during wet season)

Also, we use this link to get in and out of Canoa within Latin America : or

Getting in and out

Every 30 minutes there is a bus connection for south with San Vicente, Bahia de Caraquez or Tosagua. From Bahia there are 4 busses daily that leave to Quito (two in the morning (6:30AM, 9AM) and two in the evening).


There is a direct bus that goes from Quito to Canoa, it leaves at 11:30 PM from Quitumbe in the South of Quito. You arrive to Canoa between 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning. The bus that leaves from Canoa to Quito leaves at 9:45 PM and arrives to Quito beteen 4:00 and 5:00 AM too. It is strongly recommended that you buy the tickets one day before you travel so you can make your ride as planned. Each ticket costs 11$.


If you’re arriving from Guayaquil, take a quick taxi from the airport to the Terminal Terrestre bus station. From there, Reina del Camino, Cocatur, or Cooperativa offer a range of daily buses. Most go to Bahia/San Vicente and either take the bus or a 15-20 min taxi ($6-8) to Canoa. It’s perfectly possible that a bus operator will switch you to a colectivo bus (versus a directo) in Portoviejo that will then pass through Canoa. Just ask!

For schedules and more bus info, see the “Getting Around” section of the Ecuador country page.

There is also a bus route up the north coast to Pedernales.

Sundown Inn web site has excellent maps of Canoa and the region.


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