Frequently Asked Questions


  • What should I know before I arrive?

There is a steep hill (200m) to hike in order to access the farm. You need to be in good shape. Depending on the season, it might not be accessible by car. We can arrange for a horse to carry your backpack if you advise us of your arrival day and time (2-3 days before).

We practice sustainable living therefore we use composting toilets. We will definetly show you all the ins and outs of it. An open-mind is always welcome 🙂

Farm = nature = bugs . They are just part of our environment and all our living spaces are open! So if you need some, bring natural bug repellent. We provide mosquito nets for a sweet sleep 🙂


  • What are the facilities like?

We provide a shared kitchen with a fridge, gas-cooking-unit, sink, natural dishwashing soap and basic cutlery.

Compost toilets and shower are shared.

We have private single, matrimonial and shared rooms. Every bed has a mosquito net.


The guesthouse has many common living spaces with hammocks, a variety of books and board games.


We trust that common sense and respect of each other spaces is within each and all of us 😉

  • Do I need vaccine or pills?

Check with your country of origin health center for updates.

  • How many people are there?

We, Soa, Simon and Lili have a house on the farm next to the guest house. We are as loud as a family with a young one can be 😉 The guest house capacity is for 6 people and there is a camping area. Therefore, depending on the touristy season, you might be all by yourself or max 5-6 persons. Although, animals are a big part of the farm and they will walk freely around your house 🙂

  • Where is the closest internet and phone?

We have a land phone on the farm for emergencies. The nearest Internet connection is in Canoa, 20 min by car. There is wifi in many restaurants and cafés and 2 cybercafés (app. 1$us/hour)

  • Where can I buy my groceries?

In Canoa there is basic food items (fruits, veggies, and basic goods). There is a big local market in San Vicente (40 min) and a Shopping Mall in Bahia (45 min from the farm). You can get fresh milk from the neighboors cows, just ask us ahead. We have 3 chicken laying eggs and growing fruits and veggies on the farm. You are more than welcome to eat them!

  • What about health services?

There is a health center in Canoa (20 min by car) for emergency and basic injury care.

  • How fit should I be?

A healthy and active lifestyle is always good if you want to help on the farm with feeding animals and farming. You can also relax in hammock all day. Therefore, if you can make it up the hill, after that, anything is possible!

  • How about mail services?

You cannot receive mail at the farm. There is a DHL office in San Vicente (40 min from the farm).

  • Where is the nearest beach?

Canoa beach is the nearest available beach all year round. It’s a 20 min ride by car.

  • Is smoking allowed?

We kindly ask that you smoke outside the farm area.

  • What do I need to bring?

-Long pants
-Long sleeves shirt
-Rubber boots
-Farm shoes eg. Crocs
-Bug repellent


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