Meet Simon: Yoga Farm owner and his Food Forest dream in Ecuador


Here’s Simon, Finca Pinguino Farm owner. He is in charge of the Food Forest at Finca Pinguino Farm near Canoa, Ecuador. During one of your travel to Latin America, you can meet this happy Yoga Farmer.



After a morning yoga practice in the hills of Ecuador, Simon gathers Yoga lovers to share is passion of tree planting.


Every week, he’ll come out of the woods to share one of the many branches of designing, growing and caring for a food forest on the coast of Ecuador with the help of friendly yogis and other gastronomic banana

You’ll see that our promise to plant one tree per visitor per day in Ecuador is quite the challenge. You’ll also learn that planting is actually quite straight foward. And that the real work happens before and after the tree is finally in the ground.
Here’s a few of the steps Simon will be approching:
Seed collecting
Seed keeping
Watering seedbeds
Pest control
Mulching some more
Watering trees
If your planning a trip to Ecuador, want to practice yoga near Canoa and learn about tree planting, stay tuned and learn a bunch about the great adventure from seed to forest.

Take root, harvest yourself, do yoga!


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