A day on a Yoga farm in Ecuador

What is it that we do at the Yoga farm… when we don’t practice yoga? The question could also be: how do we find the time to do yoga on a farm in Ecuador!

Farming has got to be one of the toughest jobs in the world. Especially when you are learning everything from scratch like we do. Don’t get me wrong, farming is also one of the most rewarding way of life you can find.DSC08381

But the challenge consist of a series of perfect circles. It requires as much mental fitness as it does with physical awareness. Sounds a lot like a yoga practice. Because if we are in the best physical shapes of our lives (Go thirties!!), our brains are also constanly wired.
Resolving problem is the main job with this tentacular organisation that is a yoga farm. Add tourism and reforestation to it and you got yourself a miniature giant.


And yet, our days come and go quite smoothly.

Wake up in the hills of Ecuador, do some yoga on an open-air terrace. 36832208_647461778945152_2757040937250062336_o

Plant some trees for the food forest, weed our fruit trees, mulch following permaculture practices, organize the water supplies, pause (to look at the incredible view on the valley), plant again (seeds this time), dig farm holes, harvest the food forest.

21200661_488914488133216_9027103347179188013_o (1)


Take care of the horses, build chicken fences, stop to do some exceptional birdwatching (Papaya chunking toucans or banana picking woodpecker), compost, grab a hanging banana, water again and fix some more things.

Finally, we “collapse” in an hammock brainstorming the next step for the next day.

Is that karma yoga? Certainly feels that way sometimes. We’d rather think of it as a way to harvest ourselves!
But when all of this gets overwhelming we always have Canoa‘s beautiful beach 20 minutes away from home!

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