The Pinguino Life

Set in a hidden tropical paradise on the Ecuadorian coast, enjoy a well-needed break from the numbness of technology and come harvest yourself on our peaceful farm. The aim of this Yoga and Food forest ECO-HOME is to give you the opportunity to reconnect yourself with nature through the practice of yoga, rustic and ecological living, and animals.

Finca Pinguino Farm is a Yoga farm and Food Forest on the coast of Ecuador, near Canoa. Yoga Retreats, Yoga Farmstay, Nature Farmstay, Horse tours, Cacao tours, Tree planting projects and Volunteering opportunities. Come and practice yoga, learn about ecological practices, plant trees, chill in hammocks and meet our small but cheerful canadian-malagasy family!


About us

We are a small canadian-malagasy-ecuadorian family. Me, Soa, Simon, my husband and Miali our 4 year-old girl. We live on a 11 hectare farm called Finca Pinguino, on the countryside of beautiful Canoa beach in Manabi, Ecuador. Our village is named Tabuchila.

Finca Pinguino Farm trailer here!

Around the farm

We share our time with 4 dogs, one cat, 3 horses and a crazy amount of chicken. Everything is hand-build on the farm, from the houses, to the furniture to our yoga terrace. The housing is rustic but built with love.

We planted many seasonal fruits trees like bananas, papayas, lemons, mandarines, badeas, coconuts, guavas, guayabas, mangos, cacao, plantains and native tomatoes.  We also grow sweet potatoes, yuca, pumpkin and hot pepper.  Feel free to ask which season fruits are available! Everything is experimental (as we are not professional farmers) and this is how we want to share our knowledge and while learning  from everyone who comes to visit!

Way of living

We try to have as much sustainable practices as possible. Our (handmade) bathroom is a compost toilet. We have a shared shower with hot water. The water system comes from a well in the forest and rain collection. We don’t waste any food as any leftovers goes either to the pigs or the chicken (or the dogs if there fast enough!). The soap, shampoo and toothpaste we use are biodegradable.

It all takes an extra effort to be in harmony with the land but it is very much worth it.



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  1. And we can certainly testify that! We are happy to share this trip with you guys. See u soon for coffee 🙂
    Brunella y Otti de Tierra BellBaum

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